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  • How I Survived Going Broke

    I went broke this year. I’m 31 years old and am recovering from an insanely difficult three months that I…

    / 08/19/2017
  • when all you can do is wait

    When All You Can Do is Wait

      We can all relate to having to do nothing but wait. We have had to wait on an important email. We…

    / 07/31/2017
  • Burnout does not mean you have failed.

    Burnout: Let’s Talk About It

    “Something filled up my heart with nothing.” – Arcade Fire Burnout and depression often go hand-in-hand; certainly for me. Looking…

    / 06/07/2017
  • You Will Always Change

    Lately I have been reflecting on the last 12-15 months of my life, not because of the recent change in calendar…

    / 02/10/2017