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Positivity is a Choice

I recently read an article about how changing your passwords to some kind of positive affirmation or goal can change your outlook and even help you with achieving goals.

I tried this with a couple of my accounts (not my bank accounts! Gotta keep those cryptic!) and I surprisingly felt different — lighter, after about two days. I was getting in less arguments about the state of America’s politics, rolling my eyes less when I viewed over-filtered Instagram photos with cheesy quotes, and finding I could go about my day instead of dwelling on things that bothered or frustrated me.

I also went to yoga class this morning by myself. If you know me, I have a very hard time attending classes of any kind because I have a bit of social anxiety and really don’t like public classes or group settings. I always feel weird and out-of-place. I feel like even this was easier because I wasn’t bothered by my usual temperament.

This state of mind has also brought me back to my little blog and reminded me why I started this thing in the first place: to inspire others.

I’ve been getting caught up in cynicism and feeling like I wasn’t original because everywhere I turned, someone else was becoming a blogger or Instagram-personality. I was cheesed-out.

I was also taking myself way too seriously!

Before I traveled to Europe, I was set on making this blog my business. So many people have been able to become professional travel bloggers, and I knew I could do it.

Fast-forward 7 months and the blog has suffered but my actual BUSINESS is my business. My direction was different, though the outcome was similar.

I believe in choosing to be positive, no matter the situation. I believe this is why my business has allowed me to pay my bills, travel, and have some fun.

Let me clarify: choosing to be positive and paying attention to the state of your emotions are two different things. I am an emotional person, but I can still be positive while having a rough day. Neglecting something like depression only leads to bottling it up, which can be worse down the road. Confronting your emotions and trying to learn the source of why you feel a certain way has helped me tremendously. Talking to people has helped me. Trying to see the positive in life while my brain chooses to be dreary helps. Reading books about others’ who feel the way I do helps. 

March marks one year since I quit my corporate job and dove head-first into the self-employed world. I have to be honest: I did not know if I would make it! In the back of my mind, I know I “can always go get a real job,” but I know that is not an option. (If you are self-employed, you get me).

Here is a challenge for you: simply be aware of what direction your mind takes when you are faced with negativity or something you disagree with. Do you concede? Or do you choose positivity? One small change makes a difference. <3

You never know where choosing to be positive can take you.

You never know where choosing to be positive can take you.

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