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A Roadtrip Playlist


Let me tell you how much I love music: I can’t. I think I love music as much or more than travel. If I had to do without one, I would have a very hard time choosing because they go hand-in-hand.

So many musicians have been inspired to write music because of travel and I have traveled just to listen to music or see a band 8 hours away, like when I drove to Omaha from Denver to see Conor Oberst play.

Tomorrow I hit the road for a 12-hour trek to Colorado for a very quick turnaround because it’s mostly a business trip. I’m making myself a travel playlist, like I usually do, and I wanted to share it here. Maybe some of you haven’t hear of some of these artists, and if you’re into, find me on Spotify and subscribe to the “TRAVEL,” playlist!

Also, follow along on Snapchat (username: tiffinycostello) during my trip – I’m sure it will be entertaining. 😉

Buena Vista, CO

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