10 Useful & Free Travel Apps for iOS

After spending five weeks in Europe, I now have a new app folder on my iPhone filled with my favorite and most-used travel apps. There so many travel apps out there nowadays, and I downloaded a few I never even used.

I found that being solo and on the road for a long time with minimal plans, the following apps worked best for me. Depending on how you travel and the amount of planning you choose to do, you might find these helpful as well. If not, I would love to know which apps you find the most helpful!


If you have ever asked me about cheap flights, Skyscanner is the first word out of my mouth. I like them over the other airfare finding apps and websites, because of the ease of use and because anytime I talk to them on social media, they reply. 

Being a social media marketer, the way a company behave on social media influences whether I use their products.

Skyscanner also has a feature that allows you to search from one destination to “Everywhere.” This is how I chose travel in Europe. When I was in Paris, there was a flight to London for $40, two days out, so I booked it. Easy, peasy.

Use the "Everywhere," option to find cheap flights!

Use the “Everywhere,” option to find cheap flights!


Rome2Rio came in handy when I needed to book a train. You can compare flights, trains, ferries, Uber, BlaBlaCar, and other transportation options between any two points, and Rome2Rio will show you the price you can expect to pay.

It looks like flying may be the best option between Stockholm and Berlin!

It is very easy to compare the cost of getting somewhere with Rome2Rio!

While I did not stay in many hotels during my time in Europe, I did use the app for almost all my bookings, except for when I booked an Airbnb. searches not just hotels, but hostels. The perk to booking both hotels and hostels through the app is that you accumulate Rewards, and after 10 bookings, you get a free night. I enjoyed two free nights during my time in Europe, which was great! \

Tip: if you book more than one night at a time through the app, you get a better deal per night.


Most in the travel world have heard of Airbnb (use my link for $20 off your first booking!). I used the service for the first time while in Europe and I loved it. My hosts were incredibly kind and the homes I stayed in were lovely and a nice change from hotels and hostels.

Airbnb is a service for people who have spare rooms or homes rent them out via the website or app. I liked using the service because it allowed me to meet locals,

stay in neighborhoods I may have otherwise not visited, and see the different places in which people lived!

Staying in unique places is half the fun of travel.

XE Currency

Obviously, knowing what you spend in another country is quite important. Because I was bouncing around so many different places, I needed a quick and easy way to keep track of the exchange rates. XE Currency is a very simple app that updates exchange rates when connected to the internet.

There is not much to it, but I relied on this app daily.

You can view multiple currencies at once with XE Currency.


Oh Uber. I love you.

Uber (use my link for a free ride!) was my go-to when I did not feel like mapping out a subway route. I also used it if I was running behind on my way to the airport. In Prague, it only cost me about $6 to go on a 30-minute drive to the airpot with Uber!

I love Uber.

Google Maps

It might seem obvious, but Google Maps helped me everyday. Why? The transit schedule. Even though I walked nearly 15 miles per day, I still used subways and buses in the evening when I was on my way home for the night. I also used Google Maps to get to and from the airport, since the air shuttle routes are included. Google Maps also shows you what to expect if you hire an Uber.

Easy to read and current transit schedules are KEY when traveling.

Easy to read and current transit schedules are KEY when traveling.

I know in Apple Maps’ latest update, Transit has been included, so I will definitely be exploring that new feature in the future. 

Outbound App

For me, one of the hardest things to do is meet new people when I’m traveling. I get caught up in taking things in, being content by myself, because I actually enjoy being alone – most of the time.

Outbound App is awesome for two reasons: you get to meet up with other travelers and they have a wifi-finder. As a remote-worker, I relied heavily on the wifi-finder while out and about so I could be sure to get my work done each day.

The wifi-finder is awesome!

The wifi-finder is awesome!

Because I was bouncing around so quickly in Europe, I found that it made it hard to meet up with people when I got messages, so in the future, I plan to keep that in mind the next time I am out traveling!


Yes. Snapchat is on my list of travel apps. Why? Well, if you follow me (username: tiffinycostello) you know why!

I loved being able to see all the different stickers for each city I visited!

I loved being able to see all the different stickers for each city I visited!

Snapchat allowed me to tell a story everyday while out and about. It allowed me to share my adventures with my followers and I cannot tell you how many folks told me how much they loved seeing my Snaps. At the end of the day, I would download my Snapchat feed and since I have been home, I have gone back to watch my Snaps – and I am reliving my time in Europe. I am so thankful for Snapchat!

You can draw on your Snaps, which is pretty fun.

You can draw on your Snaps, which is pretty fun.

I also was able to use the app to meet up with Petra in Prague and explore the city with her! Snapchat is one of my absolute favorite apps for travel and for daily use.

I think technology makes travel easier and also more difficult. It’s a delicate balance, but to be honest, these apps saved my life and helped me save a little bit of money. Which travel apps do you use?


There are affiliate links in this post, and I am an ambassador for Outbound App, however opinions are my own.

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  • Reply alexa

    Have never heard about Outbound app, thanks for a hint! I use most of apps from this list, plus Spyglass nav app. With its cockpit hud layout it looks really cool, but it also has many helpful features for orienting in an unfamiliar area. The app shows your current position on the map, allows to save and track several waypoints and locations, for example, places of interests, your car and your hotel locations.

    10/09/2015 at 10:55 am
    • Reply Tiffiny

      Oh Spyglass sounds awesome! I will download that and check it out for sure.

      Thanks, Alexa!


      10/09/2015 at 5:16 pm

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