A Review of Marken Gjestehus in Bergen, Norway

One of my goals during this trip is to share my experience at the different hostels, hotels, etc. I stay in. Since I am a female traveling alone, I feel these reviews can benefit others in my position! So here is a review of the hostel in Bergen I stayed at.

When I book a place to stay, I always read the reviews. That is where you get the information you are looking for.

Each person has their own preference in what they want in a place to sleep. I look for clean, secure, and quiet. I cannot handle dirty hostels or hotels. If there is not a place for me to lock my personal valuables up, it’s a deal-breaker. As for loud atmospheres – let’s be real; I’m only at the hostel when I want to sleep. I’m out exploring the rest of the time!


Marken Gjestehus passes my 3-point “hostel-test,” with flying colors. The entire place is clean, from the bathrooms to the rooms and community kitchen. You get your own locker to lock things up, and it’s large enough for your entire suitcase and has hangers to hang up anything you prefer. It is also quiet, as each room has a door heavy enough to keep out sound and there is also no laundry past 11pm to encourage a quiet atmosphere.

If you are planning to visit Bergen, Norway, I highly recommend with the Basic Hotel Marken or the Marken Gjestehus, which is the hostel in the same building as the hotel. I stayed in both and had an excellent experience.

The location is superb, nestled into a quaint and cobbled-street area with a rooftop view of houses nearby built into the mountainside, plenty of dining and shopping within a few steps. I visited the grocery store just around the corner, as well as one of the dining places nearby during my stay.

The decor in the rooms is fun and light, making you grin upon arrival. My room even had a fun chandelier! There are also desks in the dorms and private rooms, so if you need to get work done (like I do), you have a spot.


My favorite thing about this hostel was the location and the view you get from nearly every window in the place. Bergen is easy on the eyes, and when the sun is setting, so is the view from your room at Marken!




Are you planning to go to Bergen? Be sure to check out Marken Gjestehus during your stay!

**I was graciously hosted by Marken Gjestehus during my stay in Bergen, but my opinions are my own. 

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