Technology Checklist for the Traveler

It’s 2015. We all have smart phones, we all have a camera or two. However, what technology is best to take while traveling? 

Well, it depends. If you’re traveling by car, take whatever you want – you have the room!

However, if traveling by plane or for long-term requires thought and efficiency. This list is not for photographers, videographers, etc.- I am sure you have an entirely different set of equipment and packing method you use! This list is for the average traveler, traveling internationally or for long-term.

Also, obvious things like laptops, iPhones, and eBook readers are omitted from this list, because I know you will take those things regardless!

These items are what I personally use —

International power converter – I list this at the first item, because if you do not have power converters for either your specific country or all countries, you cannot charge anything!

USB power strip – this makes sense if you have more than two USB devices you wish to charge. I have my iPhone, iPad, GoPro Hero4SESSION, and two backup batteries that require a USB outlet to charge. This saves me major headaches, and trying to remember if I charged something or not.

Backup batteries with USB power – I have two of these, because I use my iPhone constantly to take photos, video and Snapchat. I also work off my iPad when I am not at a hostel or café, so making sure I have a way to charge these devices while I am exploring or hiking around is crucial.

A travel case for cables – I am currently using the GoPro Casey, which I LOVE. It is a hardshell, but also has storage on the inside for cables and anything else you want to store. I store everything in there, then just throw the case into my daypack. Even if you just use a ziplock bag, having your cables all in one place is super efficient and makes packing or locating them quite easy.

Tripod(s) – if you are traveling alone, your tripod is your photographer! I have taken many-a-photo by just setting up a tripod. I also have the GoPro 3-Way, which has a built-in tripod, in addition to the selfie stick. It does not hold my DSLR, so I have a separate tripod for that. For my iPhone, an even smaller tripod + a bluetooth remote that controls the shutter.

Backup hard drive or Cloud storage – you will want to back up the photos you take while traveling, right? Of course! In case your camera or computer gets stolen, be sure to take a backup hard drive but don’t carry it with you when you are out and about. Lock it up at your hotel/hostel, and backup as often as you are adding new photos. If you prefer, you can also get a Flickr account and have 1 TB of free online storage. The only issue with Flickr is if you have a crappy wifi connection, you may be waiting for awhile. You should always have your data stored in more than one place, and having worked for Apple for 5+  years – the one thing I still preach is BACK YOUR SH*T UP.

Travel Insurance – I know this is not a technology item, but you MUST have travel insurance if you are going to be traveling with your valuable iPhones, laptops, etc. I purchased 1 month of travel insurance from Allianz and it covers the cost of all my valuables – whether they are lost or stolen, in addition to medical and health coverage while I am abroad. Do NOT travel internationally or long-term without protecting your investments!

Did I miss anything? What items do you absolutely have to pack no matter what? Share in the comments – I would love to know!

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