My Favorite Tools to Stay Organized

How do you stay organized as a freelancer? How do you stay productive? Are the two different, or the same? Let’s talk about my favorite freelancer tools that help me with staying organized and productive.

As a newbie-freelancer (I’ve been doing it full-time since March) something that has been more difficult than building my client list has been staying organized and productive: to me, the two are not the same.

For this blog post, I’m going to share my favorite tools to tay organized. I am still working on the productivity part, and when I figure something out there, I’ll share it with you!  (Leave me your tips in the comments – I could sure use them!) 

1. Trello

If you follow me on Snapchat (username: tiffinycostello), I think I’ve snapped myself working in Trello a dozen times. I love, love, LOVE Trello. I was first introduced to it when I started working with Social-RoadMap, and I now use it for personal productivity, in addition to business.

I’ve used other apps like Asana and Basecamp, but for whatever reason, the interface of Trello is why it works for me. I can physically move something from “to-do,” to “done,” which triggers a sense of completion in my brain, similar to a checklist.

So if you love checklists, try Trello!

2. IFTTT (If This, Then, That).


IFTTT is an awesome tool that helps automate many social media tasks, as well as non-internet tasks. You can create recipes for just about anything –

Want your Nest to turn off when your phone leaves a geofence? You can create that recipe.

Want Instagram to send the photo you post + the description to Twitter (not just the IG link?) I use that recipe.

IFTTT is supposed to have Premium accounts soon, and I really hope this includes business accounts. I could use more automation for some of my client work, so that I don’t have to repetitively schedule posts.

3. Google Sheets

This is pretty basic, but I rely on Google Sheets daily. I use it for creating analytic reports, creating content calendars, and more. I created my itinerary for Europe, and then shared it with my family so they know where I will be and what the contact info is. (Mom loves it!)


4. Slack

Slack is AWESOME because it keeps you out of your email, but available group messaging or individual messaging. You can also upload attachments, link to Google Docs, and embed video’s into the feed.

It also has an app version for iOS and Android – so you can reply to messages from your phone when you are away from the computer!


5. Behance’s Action Book

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.17.33 PM
I still don’t rely totally on digital organization. Good old fashion pen and paper is still my favorite way to create to-do lists, take notes, etc.

Behance makes a really neat journal, called an Action Book. I was introduced to these at my previous 9-5, and absolutely love using it.

The paper is thicker than normal, and there’s just something about the way paper feels when you write on it. Each page is also separated by colored blocks, which is where you can put you, “action-items,” across from notes you take. Really, you can do whatever you want, but for some reason taking notes and making lists in an Action Book keeps me organized better than regular notebook paper!

What are you go-to tools? I am always keeping an eye out for innovative ways to stay organized! 

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