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One of the reasons I moved to Colorado was because of the incredible scenery I would see in photos on Instagram, as well as the people who were constantly on the move, constantly outdoors, and constantly challenging themselves.So it is not a surprise that I am now finding travel inspiration on Instagram, and I’ve got 10 of my favorite travel & adventure accounts to share with you!Do you have any favorite travel Instagram accounts or blogs I should be following? Be sure to share them in the comments! 1. World of Wanderlust (@worldwanderlust)

Brooke is 23 and has traveled to over 50 countries – mostly solo. This girl is an incredible inspiration because she keeps things real, is always on the move, and has the best blog! As an aspiring travel blogger, I am learning a ton from Brooke!

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2. Passion Passport (@passionpassport)

Passion Passport is a great account to follow for international inspiration, an engaged community and they also host some awesome Instagram Challenges with amazing prizes. I mostly just love getting severe cases of wanderlust when I see them pop up in my feed.

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3. Tiff Penguin (@tiffpenguin)

Tiffany Nguyen is awesome because she shares my name, but also because she takes ridiculously beautiful photos! Her photos are very outdoor-centered, so you can also get some outdoor inspiration from her feed.

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4. Liz Carlson (@youngadventuress)

Liz is great to follow! She is a female travel blogger, and was recently featured in an article on BBC Travel about how she quit her job for full-time travel (FYI – it doesn’t happen overnight). I also love following her on Snapchat (youngadventuress).

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5. Melissa Hie (@girleatworld)

Melissa Hie has the most yummy Instagram feed: travel + food?! I’m in heaven. I love when I see her photos in my feed because I not only get hungry for international food, but also love to check out what’s going on in the scene behind her treats.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.33.58 AM

6. Dame Traveler (@dametraveler)

Dame Traveler is a community of women travel inspiration, so it’s obvious why I love following them. They also have travel stories on their website and participate in Instagram takeovers!

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7. Candace Rardon (@candacerardon)

I discovered Candace because of a Dame Traveler Instagram takeover – her photos are the drawings of the places she visits. I love how she merges art and travel with her drawings!

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8. Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)

Murad has an amazing, #FollowMeTo series on Instagram that involved his girlfriend walking towards something during their travels and he is holding her hand. I love this idea, and love staring at his photos! He also has a book of his Follow Me To series.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.37.58 AM

9. Kate McCulley (@adventurouskate)

Kate McCulley is such a fun person to follow! She is also another solo female travel blogger and her blog is chock-full of tips, photos, and chronicles of her awesome experiences. She is also a blast to follow on Snapchat, and is a great inspiration to aspiring solo-female travelers.

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10.  Amanda Williams (@dangerousbiz)

Amanda Williams’ blog is named, “A Dangerous Businesses,” after a quote from The Hobbit!

I know my love for travel narratives has much to do with why I love travel, and I thought it was so neat that she named her handle after one of the best travel narratives!

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 10.48.37 PM

Do you have any favorite travel Instagram accounts or blogs I should be checking out? Share them in the comments! 

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