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2015 Goals: The Future Starts NOW.

I am not a resolution-maker. If something needs to change, I try and start making the changes, ASAP. You don’t need to wait for another calendar year to create or change your habits. Your brain will respond now. (Read up on the Neuroscience of Habits, via Scientific American).

Because I am also a list-maker, this will serve as my list of things I am/will be working on now and in 2015:

Also, I will obviously be traveling, climbing more mountains, and continuing everything else I’ve been doing this year more in 2015. They won’t be on this list, because they’re all a given. I also don’t make fitness or food-related goals. These are daily focuses of mine: to feel good, and eat well. Therefore I eat well, run, and do yoga daily to keep my health in tip-top shape. 🙂 

1. Save Money

This is a big one. Moving to Boulder, traveling as much as I did this year, and choosing to shop consciously (more expensively), I have put some credit back onto my once-paid off credit cards. This will be an easy goal to accomplish. Just pay them off, right? Ha!

I know I’m not the only one who has done the dance of paying off credit cards + trying not to use them, while living paycheck-to-paycheck. (Yep, I’m still one of those).

One way I plan to save money is by moving to a cheaper location. I’m leaving Boulder for Golden, CO & almost half the rent. Combined with my tax return, my credit cards will be back down to $0 by February.

Saving money day-to-day = more money for travel. Bottom line. I’m not buying a house anytime soon.

2. Freelance, freelance, freelance! 

I have been whispering about my availability as a freelance social media manager/consultant. The reason I’m not jumping right in is because I need to figure out a business model and strategy.

How do I build an email-list? 
How do I charge people? 
What do I charge people?

I am definitely in the research phase of starting my own business.

Can I tell you about my dream job?

I would work remotely, for myself, as a social media manager for small outdoor, yoga, and music individuals or businesses. Working remotely would mean I could travel whenever I wanted. That’s my ultimate goal: support myself & be free to move around.

3. Focus more on this blog. 

I feel like I have neglected this little blog, but then will ramp things up for a few weeks at a time. My goal is to use my blog as a platform for storytelling, travel writing and reviewing, outdoor tips, and social media tips (eventually).

I feel like right now there is an overabundance of, “outdoor bloggers.” I want this blog to be something more than just another outdoor blog. I want it to be more than that. I want it to be an extension of my voice. The evolution it has already taken has been fun to watch. It somewhat mirrors my own evolution.

4. Let go

Let go of stuff.
Let go of expectations, for myself and others.
Let go so I can become open.
Let go of control and allow the world to give to me.
Let go of fulfilling others’ expectations: know that you are a vessel for a greater purpose.
Let go because what you seek is seeking you. Manifest it. 

Happy early-2015, all! What are you goals?

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