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Shifting Seasons: An Autumn Perspective

Fall is my favorite season. Does anyone know of a town where it is Fall year-round? I’d like to move there. 

Sunday, my friend Laurie and I went to Rocky Mountain National Park to find Fall. 

I live in Boulder, which is at about 5k feet, so we are still a bit warm. Up in The Park, around 10k feet, is where Fall is lingering, until the final breath of warm summer exhales from the Rockies for good. I enjoyed bundling up a bit for this!

I learned the term, “leaf-peeping,” this week. That’s what is happening at higher elevations in Colorado. The Aspens are ablaze, the alpine tundra is even taking a rustier shade of brown. It’s all so insanely beautiful to see.

Being so fortunate to see the things I get to see out here is something I try to realize everyday. Even though I am starting to yearn for movement, I am learning a new kind of patience by staying put. I am learning to shift my perspective by finding new ways to see what is all around me. If the trees just simply shed their leaves and didn’t allow the process to create such vivid color and beauty..Fall would be much different. 

The colors change during the seasons, phases, processes of life. What’s crazy is we don’t have to force anything to change. It will do it all by itself. We must simply open ourselves up to what the process could look like, and allow ourselves be part of it. Change will incur. 

Wearing: Royal Robbins, Columbia & Vivobarefoot 
Photos by myself & Laurie Tewksbury 

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