From Denver to Bali: 20 Hours in Transit

Last Tuesday, when I left work a couple hours early to catch the bus to Denver International Airport, I had an inkling of what I was about to get into, but did not realize how much time would change for me in over the next 20 hours. Or was it 24 hours? 15? I lost count, because we hopped over the International Date Line, and launched forward, into the future!

September 9th: 
6:05 pm – Arrived at Denver International Airport.

Photo: Heather Davis
7:40pm – Bags are checked, time to get some grub while we wait for boarding time.
Photo: Heather Davis

8:25pm – On flight 1 of 3: Heading to LAX first!

(In the air, hopping a time zone or two)
10:23p – Landed in Los Angeles (oops, no pictures were taken!) 
1:25am – On flight 2 of 3: LAX to Tokyo…for 10 hours!


3:00am – (or was it 5am? 6? no clue)  Dinner is served. 

September 11th (At this point, we’ve crossed the International Date Line):
Sometime around 3am: Heather takes a selfie w/ someone sleeping in her row.

Photo: Heather Davis

4am – Breakfast! All Nippon really does their airplane food right..or maybe it’s because it’s Japanese cuisine. 

5am – We have landed in Tokyo, and are looking for bathrooms. Oh, we found some…interesting ones. 

6am – Go outside, snap a touristy photo in front of “Tokyo International Airport.”

Photo: Heather Davis
7:50am – Exploring Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. We only had a 5-hour layover, so staying put while we waited for our flight to Indonesia. 
9:15am – Pre-flight yoga. (We are heading to Bali for a yoga retreat; so appropriate). 
10:00am – Caught catching up on work. (I worked remotely during this trip for my job, My Yoga Online. Best job ever!)
Photo: Heather Davis

10:45am – Grabbing a quick bite before we board the plane! Soba noodles & dumplings. Sooo good.

11:25am – On flight 3 of 3! Time to take off. See you in 7 hours, Bali! 
5:00pm – Finally! We are landing in BALI!
7:25pm – Checked in to W Retreat & Spa in Seminyak, after 20+ hours of being in transit. It’s time to sleep now.
What’s the longest time you’ve had to travel from one place to the next? How did you make it fun?

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