I Am an Introvert & I Like It

Yes, it’s true. Albeit I am pretty outgoing in nature and personality, under the sheath of my loudness and exuberance is a very, very loud mind who needs her alone time – more than not.

Do I think being an introvert is something that I need “to grow out of?” NO. It’s not wrong to be an introvert and there is nothing wrong with me. (There is nothing wrong with you).

Right after high school, I really got terrible about just not communicating with people. I would be on my way to hang out with someone, then get overwhelmed with the idea of having to participate in being social, and I would start to cry or panic. So, I would just no-show. No text, call or heads-up; I just would bail. Sometimes I would bail and let them know – but with no reason.

Labeling myself as an introvert felt like I was having to accept something like a sickness. It has only been recently that I have learned it is not a sickness – it is me! Learning to understand why I get overwhelmed in social situations has helped me with communicating to people why I need to wait 4 hours before hanging out – or why I need to take my own car to parties. Often times, I have found out that they are introverts too, and they get it! 

What’s funny, is if you look up “introvert,” on Google, some psychology resources label it as a disorder.

It is not a disorder. There is nothing wrong with us.

Being an introvert has allowed me to live alone in Colorado the last 6 months without feeling too lonely. I am happiest when I am doing my own thing. It helps me write, create, plan, process, and live.

I still enjoy socializing – however I’m not going to meet you at a coffee shop just to talk. I’d rather go on a hike up a 14er and talk on the way. I think that is where things differ. I never want to just talk. I get nervous and my mania kicks in, and I will ramble or get awkward. Now, if we are going to be doing something + talking? I’m in…until I want to leave.

So, I encourage any of my fellow introverts to embrace it. You are not alone and there is nothing wrong with enjoying being alone. Also, communicate to people that you are an introvert – you might be surprised as you find out there are more of you our there. 🙂

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  • Reply Megan

    I myself am very introverted as well as super independent and I struggle with socializing from time to time. It's very inspiring and reassuring to know that even from across the country there are folks similar in those ways! I thank you for opening yourself and being a source of inspiration for women all over!!!! 😀

    09/02/2014 at 1:13 pm
  • Reply TIffiny Costello

    Of course! Thank you so much for your kind words!! 🙂

    09/03/2014 at 11:33 pm
  • Reply Kevin Frank

    It's really interesting how the label of being introverted is starting to become almost trendy. I've seen many Facebook posts lately linking to posts like yours or others basically stating similar things. It seems some are using it as another way to say look at me I'm special and different because I'm introverted. Especially because the links they provide and say they are similar too usually associate introverts with geniuses or very creative celebrities. The scenarios you described are what many people go through (social anxiety, wanting to be in control at all times) and I wouldn't say they were introvert tendencies. I'm not saying you aren't an introvert but I'd like people to really understand what it means to say they are an introvert before jumping on the bandwagon.

    09/26/2014 at 4:27 pm
  • Reply TIffiny Costello

    Thanks for the comment, Kevin!

    First, my blog posts are always meant to inform or unify. I think this topic is definitely buzzing around online a lot lately, too. Writing this post was intended to share my thoughts, open up and possibly encourage or comfort others who might have similar introverted feelings. Not to bring attention to myself for being so, “creative and smart I can't socialize.” haha.

    I think it's also very personal to everyone, I am simply sharing what it means to me. And, who cares if someone doesn't fit the textbook definition of “introvert;” it's all about being comfortable in your own skin and accepting who you are – not seeing yourself as problematic or disordered.


    09/26/2014 at 7:41 pm
  • Reply Ping~Laotian Chic

    First of all, my husband would like to know if he can get that kind of a t-shirt with that print? He's an introvert and I like him. Great post!

    01/05/2015 at 11:13 am
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