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My New Favorite Shoes: VIvobarefoot Trail Freaks

After 5 months of being in Boulder, I have finally started running again. It’s taken me quite awhile to adjust to the altitude here. 
The awesome folks at Vivobarefoot sent me a pair of their Trail Freaks to have fun with. I LOVE them! (They’re already been up 14k feet with me, too). 

One difference in these shoes and my normal running shoes is that they are minimalist shoes, and so I feel different when I run. Specifically, my calves get an insane workout, because of the impact on the heel. I was in pain after the first time I ran in these, but my knees were happy. With all the hiking I do, I will take calf-pain over knee pain. I do not want to have to have any kind of knee surgery. I’m learning how important good shoes with good arch-support are. 
 I have worn barefoot shoes before, (Vibram FiveFingers), and I have to say these take the cake. The toe box gives my toes plenty of room to spread out, which is glorious for me, especially since I cram them into climbing shoes a few times a week. 
So far, I don’t have any cons to these shoes. I really like everything about them. I guess if I could change one thing, it would be laces. I like laces more than bungee cord, but that’s not a deal-killer!
I’m about to head out the door to go hike the last of the Boulder Mountain peaks I have not yet bagged – Green Mountain, and my Trail Freaks are joining me!
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