Adjusting to Boulder & Finding Home Within Myself

So, I have been in Boulder for 10 days now.

I’m so incredibly happy to be here.

Boulder is incredible. Everyone is so nice and it pulls patience and kindness out of me. My new coworkers are incredible – I already went climbing with one and even though I couldn’t make it up the 5.9, he was still super helpful and taught me a ton. I can’t wait to go again, but also get into a climbing gym so I can train!

It does not feel like home though. I don’t think any place will ever feel like home to me. Texas didn’t. Colorado doesn’t. It’s because I have found a home within myself.

For the first time in my life, I feel content with where I am, but I’m also open to changing where I am. Right now, I feel like someone is dangling me over the ground, and every now and then my toes graze it, but I never fully land.

Yet, I feel grounded.

During meditation, I have focused on my root chakra, and during my asana practice I stick to grounding postures. I do less handstands and less balancing postures. I think this is somewhat intentional, on a subconscious even though I do not actively chose certain poses.

The guiding light within me, the one that guides my soul, mind and body has chosen this path for me right now. It knows what I need, and I am open to submitting. After all, it is simply myself I am trusting and allowing to guide me.

I hope everyone is having a great week, and I am going to start getting more posts up on this blog in the future. I’ve just been…busy. 😉


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