The Way We Talk to Ourselves

How do you talk to yourself?

No, I do not mean in the crazy-mumbling sort of way.

But, actually I do mean in the crazy-mumbling sort of way.

When you are at work, at home, hanging out with friends; what kind of things to you say about yourself?

I work in a very fast-paced retail environment. I hear conversations people have with themselves everyday.

“I am so stupid, I don’t know how to..”

“Yeah, I’m the idiot who broke this….”


“I just don’t know anything.”

Some of these people are my coworkers, who are some of the most intelligent people out there. It is interesting to watch the parallel between the way they talk to or about themselves and the way they talk to or about other people.

To me, if you talk crap about yourself, and think lowly of your capabilities, you are more likely project this same negativity onto other people.

Long ago, when I was 27, (last year), I was a pretty negative person. I also expected a LOT from myself and likewise, from other people.

I would tell myself that I was not successful until _______ happened. I would also turn around and accuse someone of being lazy or incapable of correctly doing their job.

This allowed me to leave work with a lot of stress that never left my body in healthy ways. Drinking was, ‘the best way to deal with stress.” Little did I know the effects of alcohol on stress in your body.

When I started doing yoga and stopped drinking, I started to see myself for who I was. I changed what I did not like, or what I felt was not beneficial to myself and others, and moved on.

Yoga helps your brain & your body!

Today, I have confidence in myself and my abilities. I think this is very different from having an egotistical mindset. I have learned to not put limits on myself or others, and be open to having my perception changed.

I also have embraced the power of positive thinking and living. Do you tell yourself you are awesome, ever? I do that when I am in the car or when I am running.

And I mean it.

Self-Portrait taken 2/2014

I really do think I am an incredible human being, but what makes me incredible are the people around me. In my last post, I talked about how social media has helped me with being less anti-social. The people I have in my life make me feel incredible. I cannot tell myself I am incredible without immediately thinking of experiences with other people that have changed the way I think about myself.

Positive thinking is not just about telling yourself good things to feel good; it changes the way your brain works. I am not a brain-scientist, so I do not know the specifics, but I have read plenty on how positive situations, people, and words help make you more productive and happy. There was even the study on water molecules that proves that positive words and situations have an effect on us, even at the molecular-level.

I don’t have to know the science though, because I live it. I feel the effects of positive thinking in my life and I see it in others, too. The changes in my life over the last year have been a result of choosing to be positive, and now the habit is formed.

So, do yourself a favor, and tell yourself you are awesome, once a day. And believe it. 

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