Setting Goals and Allowing Them to Change (You)

My dad has always told me, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

It’s a good thing I’m a girl….but really, there is a half-truth to that.

A couple weekends ago I went camping on a whim with my friend Amanda and it reset my spirit and mind for the entire week ahead of me. We planned it the morning of and it was fantastic.

This month, I have written down some goals I would like to accomplish. I will share more later, but here are a few:

– Running/hiking/walking/etc. a mile a day

– Drinking more tea

– Drawing one picture a day

– Writing one blog post a week (hold me to it!)

– Practicing yoga every day (this will be easy)

– Reading one book a week

Pausing during my #mileaday trail run/hike on 9/1. #2/30.

Why plan a month out when I can enjoy myself on a whim? I think it is all about planning and then finding ways to let your goals affect the time in between plans. The time in between is where you grow and where the magic happens.

Yoga is so good for seeing the beginning, middle and forward-motion of a goal. The in-between is just as important as the goal of a pose.

In yoga, your breathe is what guides you towards, during and out of your poses. I feel that when you have specific goals on your mind, you tailor your every move towards some way of fulfilling those goals. You begin to form new habits and then you realize a month later, you’re a different person. You have grown.

Diana Nyad is my current hero. The first TED Talk I ever saw was her TED Talk. It was after her 4th time to attempt the swim from Cuba to Florida. When I saw that she was going for it a 5th time, I kept checking in on her progress via Twitter as her #ExtremeDream came true! (Yes, Twitter – I do not have a TV and, really, it’s actually a great source of immediate, unbiased news because you get all sorts of perspectives).

Photo credit: USA Today

That woman is proof that goals matter and even if you do not fulfill them, they are still worth attempting. If I had tried swimming from Cuba to Florida and failed once, I probably would not have tried again.

I encourage you to make one goal and obtain it. The positivity you feel propels you forward towards the next one. You realize you are capable of things outside of who you currently are and that is how you will grow into becoming more you.

Climbing Volcanoes on a whim! No real plans here!

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as who you become by achieving your goals.” 

– Henry David Thoreau 

I visited Mr. Thoreau’s grave in Boston last year while I was traveling. It was a wonderful moment.

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