Wanderlust Colorado in Photos

I had the wonderful chance of attending Wanderlust Festival, Colorado, at Copper Mountain Ski Resort last week! 

Climbing up Copper Mountain – BEAUTIFUL fields of wildflowers!

My friend Megan and I drove from Texas to Colorado. We took the route through New Mexico on the way there, and the route through Kansas on the way home.

Cities we visited:

– Capulin, NM (We hiked into the volcano!!)

– Frisco, CO

– Pueblo, CO

– Copper, CO

– Buena Vista, CO (We whitewater rafted through Brown’s Canyon and rode horses!)

– Vail, CO

– Cakwer City, KS

– Oklahoma City, OK

Rather than talk about it, I’ll let the pictures speak the story!

Cameras used:  GoPro Hero2, iPhone 5, iPhone 4 w/ Olloclip 

Leaving Dallas at sunrise

9 hours later… 

Capulin, NM did not have a gas station or restaurant; but they  had a working pay phone.  

Inner rim of the Capulin Volcano!



 Our site in Pueblo, CO

Time for a mountain pass….or four. 

White River National Forest 

Up Copper Mountain we go!

Crow posing on the side of Copper.

 Beautiful Megan and beautiful scenery.

 Half awake.


 Phrase most often said by Tiffiny, “We need to find coffee.” 

 Best face, Megan!

Breakfast with a mountain. 

Blueberry popsicle! 

 Working my way through the field of boulders. Reminded me of this quote:

“Jumping from boulder to boulder and never falling, with a heavy pack, is easier than it sounds; you just can’t fall when you get into the rhythm of the dance.” – Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums

 This is the mountain I climbed. It looks smaller from the highway..


 Our site in Frisco, CO

 First horse ride!

Largest Ball of Twine can be found in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. 



 Channeling Georgia O’Keefe.


I was able to attend Wanderlust because I received two free Sage passes from So Delicious, simply for replying to a Tweet of theirs. They also gave me these coupons (I used them FAST). Thanks again, guys! 

I also got some free camp coffee for my trip from Nature Coffee Kettle! Their concept and quality is fantastic and I LOVE COFFEE so I can take all I can get! 

Stay tuned for more adventures! I’ll be at Wanderlust Austin, the All-Girls Slackline Festival in Oregon, & whatever else I can!

You can also find me here:

<3 Tiffiny

**Clothing/gear/companies that kept me warm, cute, nourished, footed etc:

Nikita Coleman Tents Mountain Hardware Columbia Teva Mountainsmith Sleeping Bags So Delicious

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