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I Failed.

8 Aug , 2016  

When I moved back to Texas this time last year, it was 100% my choice, but it wasn’t what I wanted. Every part of me was yelling, “don’t do it.” I ignored that part of me, which was the first step back towards who I used to be — and not the good me. It’s funny […]



I Hope You Fail Like Hell

9 Apr , 2016  

Two years ago, I packed up and moved to Boulder, CO.  One year ago, I quit my full-time job and jumped in head-first to freelancing.  Eight months ago, I booked a few flights to Europe, threw all my stuff into storage and spent five weeks traveling. Six months ago, I moved back to Texas for friends and […]



Positivity is a Choice

15 Feb , 2016  

I recently read an article about how changing your passwords to some kind of positive affirmation or goal can change your outlook and even help you with achieving goals. I tried this with a couple of my accounts (not my bank accounts! Gotta keep those cryptic!) and I surprisingly felt different — lighter, after about […]


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Denver: More Than Mountains!

4 Dec , 2015  

This article was written In collaboration with to share some of Denver’s top social scenes & Things to do! Denver is known for being home to mountains, a celebrated football team, and breweries-galore. The outdoor community is a fun thing to be part of, and since Dever is a melting pot for many non-natives, you meet some incredible people […]



Visiting Stockholm For the First Time | Solo Travel in Europe

7 Nov , 2015  

Guess what? I’m finally getting caught up on sharing my photos and stories from Europe with you! First up: STOCKHOLM! Stockholm was by far one of the most fun cities I explored during my five weeks in Europe. The city vibe, culture, plethora of Nordic museums, Swedish meatballs, and, well, everything made this city one […]



Re: Teton Gravity Research, “Is This Real Life? Outdoor Women on Social Media.”

6 Nov , 2015  

This is a response piece to an article by Carolyn Highland, published by Teton Gravity Research about the authenticity of women in the outdoors who post their adventures on social media. Read the original article here.  Is mountain nostalgia a thing? Because I have it. All the more reason to get out there and do […]



A Roadtrip Playlist

9 Oct , 2015  

SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRAVEL PLAYLIST Let me tell you how much I love music: I can’t. I think I love music as much or more than travel. If I had to do without one, I would have a very hard time choosing because they go hand-in-hand. So many musicians have been inspired to write music […]

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Tiffiny Reviews: My Favorite Travel Apps

7 Oct , 2015  

After spending five weeks in Europe, I now have a new app folder on my iPhone filled with my favorite and most-used travel apps. There so many travel apps out there nowadays, and I downloaded a few I never even used. I found that being solo and on the road for a long time with minimal plans, […]



Moving to Dallas: The Next Chapter (Every City is the Same)

7 Oct , 2015  

You say: “how does it feel to be travelling? How’s it feel to live your life on a train?And the aeroplane?”Well, I ain’t gonna lie to youWell, every town is all the sam. — M. Ward Yes! I am back in Texas and I will be staying here for a bit of time. I am […]


Five Weeks Traveling Alone in Europe: I’m Never Doing That Again

27 Sep , 2015  

First things first, I absolutely enjoyed 100% of my travels in Europe during these last five weeks. The title statement is true, but it’s not what you think. I am sharing the somber side of my travels first, because I’m going to be sharing all the wonderful things over the next few weeks and I don’t […]