How I Survived Going Broke

    I went broke this year.

    I’m 31 years old and am recovering from an insanely difficult three months that I did not plan on. I unwillingly left a great job, drained my bank account because of it, and have had to rebuild my life one very slow step at a time.

    I’m writing this to break the stigma and embarrassment of having money problems, which might seem like an uphill trek in the technology age: the age of broadcasting an unboxing of your new clothes on Instagram. The age of checking in to the airport to let people know you’re going on a trip. The age of foodie shots with $15 loaves of gluten/grain/dairy/sugar free bread.

    You’re not better than anyone if you have money. You’re not less valuable if you are poor, or experience poverty. Many times, it is not even your fault.

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